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Make Every Shopper A Mystery Shopper

Funny thing about mystery shoppers. We keep them secret because we don’t want store associates to give mystery shoppers special treatment.

Well, what if we turned that process (which originated in the 1940’s!) completely on its head?

What if there was no mystery to it? What if every shopper was empowered to act as a mystery shopper? And every associate knew it? Wouldn’t service improve across the board?

I call it the Un-Mystery Shop.

The Un-Mystery Shop is a process where all shoppers have the opportunity to rate the service they receive by specific store associates. Then with this new data, store associates have the ability to see how their actions are perceived by their customers. Store managers see where they need to focus their training and coaching efforts to improve both individual and team performance. It is totally transparent. And creates total accountability.

Just think about how UBER’s customer feedback mechanics totally changed the taxi business. Because drivers were continuously rated for their service and rewarded for good ratings, service improved dramatically. Riders came to expect that with their participation, a taxi service could actually be a pleasant and reliable experience. It is a prime example of an Un-Mystery Shop.

Measure what you want to manage

At becco we’ve come up with a set of tools that allow retailers and other face-to-face service providers to easily implement their own Un-Mystery Shop programs. Compared to traditional Mystery Shopper programs:

  • It is easily deployed across all stores for all customer facing store associates

  • Feedback is collected from your customers and reflect their values.

  • Associate performance feedback data is collected continuously and in real time allowing store leaders to identify behavior trends and opportunities for improvement quickly

  • Larger samples of feedback on individual store associates provide store leaders with more actionable data to help store associates improve their skills

  • It is not labor intensive resulting in significantly lower costs per observation

To chat about how you can get set up your own Un-Mystery shop program pick a time to talk to Stuart here.

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