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Easily identify and help store associates who are missing key sales skills

At becco we did a project with a well known cosmetics retailer. We collected customer feedback on the customer experience related behaviors of each and every sales associate at a sample of stores. The metrics for one sales associate, lets call her Jen, jumped off the page. From outward appearances, Jen was friendly, upbeat, responsive, and a solid team player. She worked hard and got stuff done. However the customer feedback metrics that we collected told a different story. On the positive side, her customer feedback score for “Listened to me” was high. She was quick and responsive to help customers who knew what they were looking for. On the other hand, Jen scored low on the metrics that were key to increasing the size of the sales transactions and promoting repeat sales. She scored low on “Addressed my concerns”, “Matched my foundation”, and “Discussed skincare.” When we reviewed these findings with the Regional Manager, she said that she suspected that Jen needed help on some of her selling skills. The customer feedback data confirmed the need to take action to help Jen improve specific selling skills so that both she and her team could achieve their goals. With the becco Associate Performance Reports, the Regional Manager was able to use customer sourced data to help guide her to coach Jen and her teammates. Team benefits

  • Store leaders and associates gained a way to be in synch on the most important behaviors to follow in order to achieve their goals

  • Store leaders could focus their training and coaching efforts on the most important skill improvements needed by specific associates

  • Store associates felt more valued as they received regular and timely feedback on how to improve their interactions with customers.

To chat about how you can help you store associates improve their skills pick a time to chat here.

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