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Unlock the Sales Power of Your In-Store Team: Boost Your Sales with Optimized Associate Behaviors

Discover the Potential

Your front-line store teams possess the incredible ability to shape customer purchasing decisions. They hold the key to unlocking your sales potential.

Uncover the Winning Formula

To maximize your sales, it's essential to determine the specific associate behaviors that directly influence customer buying patterns. We can help you identify these crucial behaviors.

Identify Your Sales Stars

Not all associates exhibit the same level of sales-driving behaviors consistently. By partnering with us, you can pinpoint the outstanding performers within your team and provide targeted support to those who require it.


Becco's 3-Step Program to create a customer-centric store experience

Benchmark Associate Sales Behaviors

Our initial phase involves establishing a baseline for the behaviors that impact your current in-store customer experiences. We measure and assess the behaviors of your store associates and create a benchmark from which to improve upon.

Build for Success

The Becco team helps you determine which behaviors have the most significant impact on sales and helps you develop strategies to adopt them.

Continuous Growth

The Becco platform provides ongoing feedback on the consistent execution of optimized behaviors by your teams. Through regular monitoring, Becco highlights top performers and pinpoints the improvement opportunities for individual store associates.

Unlock the potential of your sales team. Contact us today to get started.

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