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Help store teams adapt to process changes while still delivering the brand's customer experiences

This year retailers have been forced to make more changes faster than at any other time in history. To say that change is constant understates the accelerated degree of change we have experienced this year.

Store associates have been the heroes of this story. Their can-do spirit. Their flexibility. Their health risks. Their smiles through their masks.

However, through all that entrepreneurial spirit are they still acting in ways that promote the brand? Are they still exhibiting brand defining behaviors. Are all stores unified in consistently promoting the brand?

Just being open is not good enough. Competition from ecommerce players has increased. Reduced mall and store traffic puts more pressure to raise conversion rates. Promoting the brand through a single unified voice across all associates is more important than ever.

Remember the adage “You have to measure what you want to manage.” In this case the challenge is to measure whether store associates continue to deliver brand defining customer experiences.

To respond to the accelerating rate of change in brick and mortar stores, becco has introduced new tools to measure the behaviors of store associates and to help store leaders insure that all associates are operating on the same page.

Send us a note to find out more how you can measure and manage the sales behaviors of your sales associates.

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