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Building Great Store Teams – Should You Use Customer Feedback or Mystery Shopping?

Every retailer has expectations as to how they want their associates to treat their customers.

But here’s the challenge: How do you insure that all associates practice those best practice processes on a regular basis?

Measure what you want to manage Traditionally retailers direct their leadership teams to conduct observations of associate behaviors; but everyone’s so busy that those observations are few and far between and often subjective.

Others deploy Mystery Shopping services. However there are several downsides.

  • Mystery shopping programs are labor intensive and expensive. As a result, mystery shopping initiatives typically collect data across a limited sample of times and stores.

  • Mystery shoppers are not necessarily your typical shoppers. They introduce a totally different set of biases.

  • By the time you receive the resulting mystery shopper reports, they are too late to be effective in helping individual store associates adjust their behaviors.

Finally a new way to measure associate behaviors Up to now there has not been an effective and scalable process to measure associate compliance across all stores and all associates. At becco we have introduced an all new method to measure the behaviors of store associates.

  • It is easily deployed across all stores

  • Feedback is collected from your customers and reflect their values.

  • Associate performance feedback data is collected continuously and in real time allowing store leaders to identify behavior trends and opportunities for improvement quickly

  • Larger samples of feedback on individual store associates provide store leaders with more actionable data to help store associates improve their skills

  • It is not as labor intensive as Mystery Shopping resulting in significantly lower costs per observation.

Can you answer two key questions?

  • How frequently are your sales associates executing your best practice sales processes?

  • What would the sales lift be if sales associates consistently followed your best practice sales processes?

At becco, we can help you answer those questions. And put you on a path to helping your store teams consistently deliver your brand defining customer experiences. For more information, pick a time here to chat with Stuart.

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