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Unlock the sales power of your most powerful asset: your in-store team

We know...

Front-line store teams have the power to influence customer purchasing behavior

But we don't know...

  • Which specific associate behaviors influence sales?

  • Which associates consistently practice key sales-driving behaviors? 

How do you identify and encourage key sales-driving activity?


The math is simple. Capture real-time customer feedback on the in-store service experience, add sales data, and you'll have the coveted cheat sheet all retail leaders need to unlock their most powerful asset: front-line store teams. 

becco 3-Step Program to create a 

customer-centric store experience


In the initial phase, becco partners with your team to establish a baseline of the current in-store service experience. Assess the behaviors of store associates to create a benchmark from which to build on.


Next, we focus on how to identify and build success defining activities:

  • which behaviors have the greatest impact on sales

  • identify team members who are outstanding performers and those who need more support


In the final phase, get continuous feedback on how consistently teams are executing on new optimized behaviors. Monitor on an ongoing basis to highlight top performers and implement proactive coaching where needed.

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