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Three questions for store teams adapting to a year’s worth of changes

Retailers have made more changes faster this past year than at any other time in history.

Store associates have been the heroes of this story. Their can-do spirit. Their flexibility. The way they’ve navigated the health risks. Their smiles through their masks.

While we applaud their entrepreneurial spirit, questions arise:

  • Are store associates still acting in ways that promote the brand?

  • Have they adopted the recently changed processes as intended?

  • Are all stores unified in consistently promoting the brand?

With smaller store teams and store leadership constrained by travel restrictions, store associates have largely been on their own in terms of figuring out how to best work with their customers.

Measure the customer experience delivered by store associates

How do we assess whether store associates are actually following the brand’s best practice processes?

Remember the adage “measure what you want to manage.” In this case the challenge is to measure whether store associates are delivering brand defining customer experiences. Easier said than done.

Finally, we have a way to do that.

becco has introduced new tools and methods to measure and track customer experience metrics as delivered by individual store associates. And to help store leaders insure that all associates are operating on the same page.

Contact us for more information

To chat with Stuart about how you can track the behaviors of store associates to drive consistently great, brand defining behaviors, pick a time here.

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